Any Suggestions For My Lineup?


I started playing the game a couple of weeks ago, and I have 180k stubs. I don’t have much trouble pitching, but I am wondering about improvements for my lineup. I am currently trying to get babe, and am grinding to get Harper/ Thomas. Who should I choose? I am willing to sell anyone, but I really like Luis Robert. Any suggestions are appreciated!


1: CF Luis Robert, 99
2: RF Mike Yazstremski, 95
3: 2B Robinson Cano, 97
4: C Travis D’Arnaud, 95
5: 1B Edwin Encarnacion, 95
6: 3B Evan Longoria,95
7: SS Corey Seager, 91
8: LF Ramon Laureano, 93
9: Pitcher


Corey Kluber, 99
James Paxton, 99
Shane Bieber, 97
Zack Wheeler, 93
Alex Reyes, 88


Seth Lugo, 82
Josh Hader, 88
Blake Treinen, 90
Fernando Rodney, 92
Sergio Romo, 92
Edwin Diaz, 95
Trevor Hoffman, 96


Nelson Cruz, 93
Jason Giambi, 93
Yasmani Grandal, 90
Jonathon Schoop, 88
Tim Locastro, 69 (For Pinch Running)


Your bullpen and Rotation need some work before going online for sure.

Look to replace Beiber, Wheeler, and Reyes. Options here are Orel, Wood, Greinke, Hamels, and Maddux. You've got Longoria and Hoffman so Seaver as well?

Bullpen I'd drop Hader for LS Chapman and look to upgrade Lugo into Dibble (he's an end game righty i know hes expensive.) The rest of your pen is useable but kinda tier 2ish. Eck evo would be a good option to add in as well.

Bench is fine maybe look to upgrade scoop for someone.

I'd probably go for the POTM Belli and replace Encarnacion at first, move him to the bench for Scoop. Then you can pick Harper and play him in Left and he doesn't drop from a silver shield.

Also I use 99 Jackie for Pinch running if you haven't done that program its free and gives a lot of rewards. He has a ton of positional versatility too.


LS Hader is a no sell, and I am 3 games away from getting Seaver.


The FOF guys like Dawson, McGriff, Killabrew, Schmidt, etc. are very under valued. That's a cheap place to look to start taking your 95's up to 99's. Eric Davis too... if you can put up with his annoying bat hanging out over the plate.


FOTF Fernando Tatis Jr, LS Mike Trout, Awards Buster Posey have been mainstays in my lineup since April!! They're indispensable. Put Tatis at #1, Trout #3 and Posey #5 Spots. Put a LH Power bat at #2 spot like FOTF Joey Gallo, and POTM Cody Bellinger in #4 spot.


Any ideas for upgrading my SS or 3B? I plan on choosing Posey when I hit silver 1. Is that the right choice?


@Mwiki_001 said in Any Suggestions For My Lineup?:

Any ideas for upgrading my SS or 3B? I plan on choosing Posey when I hit silver 1. Is that the right choice?

Seager has a sweet swing so I wouldn't rush getting rid of him. Options when you do are Rollins (best imo other than CAP), Banks (expensive and subpar D), Yount (very good D, mostly a singles/doubles hitter.)

Third is Chipper or Brett imo.

Even with LS hader being unsellable Chapman should replace him, he's the best LS reliever by far and hes cheap.

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