Why is it when I play 1B that I am seeing ground ball up the middle for a hit. a ground ball along the LF line for a hit, a line drive to the 3B caught for an out, a line drive into the OF etc? If I wanted to see all those plays I would have the user setting set to see all plays. When playing RTTS I only am interested in things that involve my player. Anything else is a waste of my time. I have been complaining about this issue for 12 [censored] years. Why can you not get your heads out of your asses and fix it? I have the same issues with my SS. Also I reported a bug in this years game that is extremely annoying back in early April and still has not been addressed. What the [censored] is your problem? Do you only care about your cash cow Diamond Dynasty? I guess that long time customers like me don't mean a thing to you.