The new leagues.......very interested!

I’m extremely intrigued by the new “leagues”! I hope there are different leagues that require different cards respectively. I like to use other cards (cards other than SS cards) and I think respective leagues will make it competitive.

Can you explain this to me? What did I miss?

Only leagues I'm aware of is ST, DS,CS, WS?

@je8675309 said in The new leagues.......very interested!:

Only leagues I'm aware of is ST, DS,CS, WS?

Those are divisions in Ranked Seasons, not leagues. The leagues mentioned are the "custom leagues" coming to The Show 20. It will be further discussed on the SDS stream on 2/27.

We will see what it really entails.

I hope it’s not a huge disappointment. I’m not getting my hopes up. I don’t think it’s gonna be like leagues of old. But that might be a good thing. People would join 162 game leagues and draft then quit after 1 loss. Those leagues were a nightmare to be a commissioner in. Replacing teams was a daily thing. Even the 15-20 game ones. You think quitting is bad? In leagues quitting was the WORST. If they do it this time it should be like a short season style thing. Maybe joinable? But something from leagues of old should be different.

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