Sim to Next Appearance

Not sure about anyone else but every chance I get I hit Triangle. I have no interest in seeing how the game is progressing through that busy "statcast like" screen. I just want to get to my next at-bat.

Does anyone actually watch an entire game on the bench? I accidentally chose that option. I'm glad I figured out how to get out of it.

I watch through the stat cast one you mentioned. I like the little walkups and stat overlays when i'm playing and I don't see many when I skip to the next appearance

Sometimes I’ll watch it if it’s an important game and I’ll jump in and watch it from the bench or field if it gets interesting.

That’s how I came across this RTTS rarity:

Best part about it is I picked up the trophy 🙂

When I am pitching I watch the stat cast as you call it but when I am playing a position player I hit the triangle

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