Offline Issues Persist


I’m guessing nothing is going to be done for offline players? Doesn’t matter what difficulty in offline vs CPU fielding, pitching or hitting.

Fielding - either no urgency to make plays or just wont make plays. Errors heavy with diamond fielders.
Pitching - Pitchers continue to float pitches on perfect release. Control pitchers have zero accuracy.
Hitting - Timing all screwed up. Double plays reign supreme. Perfects just die.

Game offline seriously playing on par with April and May.

CPU is amazing during this period...roughly since Ruth drop.

Not sure if server maintenance or a reset or whatever is needed. Just feels like this is it for remainder of season. Kinda makes me lose interest and I’ve seriously played less due to this. Maybe it’s burn out or Show fatigue.

Again, it’s issues that die hard offline folks may have encountered or have ongoing. Still, content drops are great and doing those requirements. I guess it’s done to mask issues...stay busy with those.

Thanks for letting me ramble.


The double plays in offline are pretty much any time you get somebody on first you better steal quick or hope you can draw a walk, if not you most likely get double played. I've even hit ball in the top of the zone with good contact in the middle of the pci and doesn't matter what type of pitch it ends up in a double play.

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