Best RTTS names you’ve encountered

Ok, I’m to the point in my RTTS career that almost all the real MLB players have retired and been replaced by computer-generated characters. I’ve come across some interesting names. I just batted against Roosevelt Cherry, and I was briefly teammates with Jack Ashe (which sounds like a curse word when Matty V says it out loud). I also saw a Tom Cruz and a totally new player named Jose Abreu.

Anything stand out in your worlds?

Roosevelt Cherry sounds like either a race horse or the name of a 1st wave country song, possibly both

None are as interesting as some of the character names I have used

Rob Banks, Kelly Greene, Mike Hunt, Mo Lester

Drew Peacock

I have a list of about 50 names that have used at one time or another so if anyone wants a name that is cute or nasty let me know

Not computer generated, but my current RTTS player is named Moe Lester (yes he is #69). It isn’t too far fetched to think the CPU could come up with a name like this lol

John Jon was an interesting one.

I still like my dd created player; Ben Dover.

I have tried that name but it is not on the audio list

Joe Burreaux

Came across a Rick Sanchez same spelling as (Rick and Morty) last night.

Sticking with Haywood Jablowme for my CAP this year...

Bo Pinz, Michael Jolliby, Son Ling Goh are some of my favorites lol

Socrates, I can't remember the last name but Socrates. The CPU names are hilarious sometimes

@samguenther1987 said in Best RTTS names you’ve encountered:

Came across a Rick Sanchez same spelling as (Rick and Morty) last night.

You son of b*tch, i’m in!!!

Came across an Aaron Rogers in MLB 19

My SP this year is Maxwell House and my SS is Mark Downs

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