What was your highest star total in a program inning not counting the 11th?

I hit 727 in the 6th. I need a life.

699 in the 6th. I think that program had a few things to help it over other programs.

830 in the 6th

Like 600 in the first. After that I haven’t even hit 300 stars on any of these innings (besides the last one of course)

i am over 700 I think in the 6th

925 in the 8th inning, though I think the 916 in the 2nd inning is more significant because there was less ways to get stars.

1: 641
2; 400
3: 407
4: 631
5: 509
6: 562 **has a chance to end up beating the 8th b/c I'm doing nothing but Signature teams b/t now and 3/13.
7: 391 ** ditto
8: 704
9: 667
10; 555
11: 1515

My high outside of the 11th inning was 841 in the 7th. I got at least 700 in every inning except for the 5th. Not quite sure what happened there. I literally completed everything in that menu, so I guess I just didn't play as much during that time frame or maybe I did less of the daily missions.

I think I had over 1000 stars in the 1st inning. Most of the others I had 300 with the exception of the one with Tom Seaver. I didn’t play that season at all.

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