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SDS, I'm not sure whether you got rogue associates that have any sort of influence on dictating individual game outcomes. Perhaps what I'm going to mention is just another example of your terrible attempt at trying to create a "real-life" gaming experience for your customers. If so, I can see why many aren't repeat customers.

Anyway, regardless I once again lost to a terrible team. Oh, am I saying I'm not the terrible one? No, I'm saying this game doesn't reward or exploit one way or the other. No one can ever know whether they are good or bad because this game has no barometer. No scale as to the relevance of bronze or diamond players. Really doesn't matter because that's not a factor in this game. Just as skill is not a factor in this game.

So, yeah..last game I'm losing 1-0 to a team of much inferior cards (let's put it that way). In most instances i'll swing at a fast-ball and not touch it. But, in about 1/3 I'm early. How does that even figure? It really doesn't. I bring in Rivera who I've spent a whole lot of hours trying to attain. In the 9th inning which I really shouldn't have hung around until..knowing this particular script quite well. Rivera can't record an out. Everyone that was faliling earlier was hammering Rivera. First time I use him. THIS GD CARD i'VE SPENT THE LAST WEEK CHASING.

You can all [censored] off. The game is a [censored]-show. And, yep boys, this is pure [censored] rage. And it cost you a customer. You've got millions more I'm sure.


Yeah! And we’re all sick of the FA bronzes in packs, too!!

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