Last night I won a really fun back and forth game. I won 11-9 after being down 7-0. I nearly quit. Dude scored 6 in the first off Hal. Very frustrating. But that’s not the story. My first two runs were solo shots and my pci wasn’t even close to being centered up. It was waaaaay off!! Did I benefit from this, yes I did but that doesn’t mean it’s right. I didn’t really believe in the so called “comeback logic”, until last night. There’s NO WAY those balls should’ve left the park, but they did. Is the game still fun? Yes, at times it is. They cover up awful game play with pretty content. They’ve been doing it for years now. Without a viable competitor, they have no motivation to improve their product! It’s a major bummer too. The only game I have is this one cuz I love baseball.