The Show cares more about looks than the game


Look, anyone who manages a real team knows it's impotrant to know the stats and the fatigue of their players.

But not The Show, in what's SUPPOSED to be the most realistic format. (That's Franchise, for those of you buying bubble-gum cards and giving more money to the producers.)

WHY are pitchers' lefty and righty batting averages ONLY available as the pitcher comes in to the game, or if you make yourself the opposing manager and go to the bullpen and THEN look?

Why are batting averages against lefties and righties unavailable?

Why are hitter's fatigue NOT available DURING the game?

The developer's got ALL THIS EXTRA RAM in the PS 4 and they chose to spend it on somersaulting graphics of elite cards in an obscure menu instead of giving managers important info during the game?

Perfect, Sony. You're the problem. You let players (their union) make a monopoly of their images and stats - or MLB giving you "rights" to product (stats) already in the public domain.

And then you make a game glamorising the look of the game by focusing on how a homerun or high-5 looks, instead of on the data that a manager needs.

Give us righty/left stats and fatigue during IN GAME!

Give us the option to turn off your (USUALLY WRONG) derermination of future performance. That is, give us a button that allows us to let our teams just use our players' stats at the start of the year without your silly, arbitrary and so often wrong prediction of future performance.

Is this so odd? Give us facts. Give us stats. You already do the cosmetic stuff. Now let us play the game without idolizing the motion-catpture of your latest hero.


I care more about Olive Garden’s appearance than what actually is in the food

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