Great Forum, unlike the other other "cough OS cough"

Its good this forum allows you to play around a bit and have a little fun but obviously up to a point. The Show forum over at Operations Sports...holly [censored], the slightest hint of a swearing word or jokingly insulting someone and you're banned for life. You basically have to be a church boy with your fingers crossed and watch every little thing you type, sorta like entering the "Soup Nazi" store from Seinfeld and omg the complaining that goes on there..little snow flakes that complain about every little thing about the game. Every time there is a patch someone complains that the game has been completely broken and they can't hit anymore. Instead of them playing 15 or so games and get an average result they complain gobble gobble Sliders gobble SDS sucks gobble.

Well I mean this is the official forums so I'd hope it would be better than that

Keep it clean. Follow the rules.

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