Serious question.

I took a few days off playing this game. Actually played some of my custom online franchise from last year's Madden.

Had NO issues playing that. Also had no issues playing The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption.

However AS SOON AS I go back to this game it takes almost 2 minutes to load into DD. And then I keep getting a 'Server Error' every 10-15 secs.

I cant even cycle threw my inventory wirh 'waiting' or the next screen to load.

How can a game thats been out for almost 6 mos, and a title that been active for YEARS, have so much trouble with their servers?

Their not making it hard to just say 'Screw It' and delete the game entirely.

All I know is if this ia still a problem next year, on MULTIPLE systems, ita not going to look so good for them.