mlb 19

i stopped playing a long time ago and it was the best decision of my life lol this years game was probably worse than 18

I gave up on it in June but now just playing rtts as a closer....only has to start two games which was good. Have more fun than other modes of the game

The content really carried the game this year, hopefully in 20 its the gameplay and content working together that keep us playing for a long time.

Honestly, I switch back and forth from 19 and 17, but usually have more fun on 17 tbh

I’ll give you a great example of why this game is a travesty. I just got a rage quit after I hit homeruns with honus, Griffey and frank. Tied the game 4-4. My opponent hate one hit that was good-good . He had two very early okay doubles and his home run was early ok. It rewards [censored] contact. Good okay and up is rewarded less then very early or latest

This is a cool post, thanks for sharing

I jumped back in to get in a few more RS games. My goal was to get to 120 wins before I lost 40. 120-39!!!! Then I realized I just played 159 and now I am thinking I need to play 3 more to play 162.

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