Spots Open in Themed DD Custom Leagues


We're expanding and adding an All Star difficulty league!

We run themed DD leagues. We've been running the Legend difficulty league since April, added a Hall of Fame difficulty league in June, and are now also adding an All Star difficulty league.

Everyone in our discord server proposes and votes on theme ideas for the next season. 9 inning games. No balks. No DH. No wind. No toxicity is tolerated. If you need to bunt for hits or bring in Ryan Feierabend, this isn't the league for you.

We run laid back, self-paced leagues as a way to play non-toxic opponents and practice while having fun.

Season 5 will start in a week, and with the addition of an All Star league, we have spots to fill in all leagues. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, click the link the below to join our discord server:


All Star league is about half full, HOF league has 6 open spots, Legend league has 9 open spots.

(out of 30 total teams per league)




Still have just a few spots left in each league. Our next season will start in a few days.

The theme is BR Style! Should be fun

(1) 95+
(1) 85-94
(3) Golds
(9) Silvers
(9) Bronzes
(2) Commons


Season will start tomorrow evening, still have just a couple spots in each league.

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