I finished 3 HRs with Cruz. I'm worn out.


So... I don't know what it was about Cruz that was so difficult for me. I put him at the bottom of my lineup thinking "Oh, I'll hit 3 HRs with him over the course of 5-10 games". Nope. He stayed there for 30 GAMES. I wasn't really paying attention until tonight when I hit 2 in one game and completed the challenge.

The carnage? 93 AB's, 10(!!!) hits for a .108 avg. I did bat .214 against lefties... maybe I should have thought this through a little more. But then again, I hit 2 against Orel tonight. Now I'm just overthinking it.


Funny. i was just thinking about a guy's bat i would love to use if we had a DH and he was the guy for me! I crushed the ball with him. But if it helps i can't hit for [censored] with Mantle lol

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