Ranked seasons placement in new season

Hi all,
I've been playing since November and made Division Series for the first time yesterday.
Was pretty pumped since I held off a higher rated opponent in a tight game and it was my first win against a 700-plus team.
Season ended today and I was dropped down to ... Pennant Race. Didn't lose a game. It was just where I was placed for the new season.
I was like, I finally made it here and ... now I'm back down TWO levels? Lol.

Can someone please explain how this works?


Basically how it works, at the end of a season, if you end above 600, you are placed at 450 next season, above 700 gets put at 550, and 800 and above you get put at 650.

Ahh, ok, thanks. I guess I can suspend my training for Hall of Fame level in casual online for a bit. Lol.

It’s dumb that wherever you finish a season that’s where you start the next season not by your highest rating.

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