Favourite new legend

Pretty simple. Who was everyone's favourite new legend in 19?

My favourite add this year was Michael Young because I'm a fan irl, unfortunately he was difficult to get this year and wasn't anything special when it came to DD.

Mine was 100% rickey Henderson

Rogers Hornsby

Probably Willie Mays, I know that's probably the "popular" answer, but it's just awesome they put in "the catch", I've gotten that animation a couple times this year and loved it.

Eric davis

Pudge. It wasn't his fault the blocking was broken. He raked for me though.

Lou Gehrig. The guy has been a beast for me and it was great having part of the yankees murders row with him and Ruth.

We just need Mickey Mantle now.

As a fan, definitely Pudge. As far as in my lineup, that Adam Dunn card was an awful lot of fun for a while.

As far as cards I did well with that were new: Foxx, Hornsby, Pudge, and Mays

Cards that I just like being added: Lou!

I didn't play 19, but Eric Davis has been my favorite addition in years. Cannot wait to use him in 20.

I’m gonna go with either Henderson or Jason Kendall. I used both of their low diamond cards for forever, until upgrading them both to Signature Series for a while.

hornsby for sure i hope that horndog is back in 2020

As a Phillies fan, Screw Michael Young. For me the new legend was Minnie Minoso. Sadly I couldn't get his card because I'm not

  1. Great at the game
  2. Made of cashola

The T-206.

88 Ty Cobb. Hitting over .330 with him. No power or speed what so ever but has been so good in the clutch.
99 Cobb hitting under .270. Am I the only one?

I have to say Honus.

I wish there was more of an opportunity to play with Michael Young. He was super expensive early on and we never got another version of him.

I was really disappointed that my best hitter from 18, Mario Mendoza, was not included in 19. Unfortunately I had to settle with Honus and Banks at SS

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