I've never stayed in the far before


Been playing the show for years, always played DD but usually stop a couple months in. Im assuming there's only NINE inning programs? After that what else is there? Are cards still released, etc?


If I’m not mistaking there was 10 innings programs and then an extra innings program. Beyond that I think there was just an event or two and that was the end of New content


We had new content well into the winter last year. People who stuck around were quite pleased with he amount of offseason content dropping and I think SDS will follow up on this trend. I have a feeling that if Madden is as bad as people claim this year we may see more people sticking with MLBTS later than usual.

What do we have left? Last year we had the Finest cards which allowed people getting the game really really late to field a competitive team with minimal expense/effort...this was nice when the game went free as part of PS+ in the fall and the player base got a small influx.

We still have Postseason. There will be an influx of PS cards reflecting the happenings of this years playoffs. That means we will have new content through October at the very least.

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