OMG the foul [censored] when playing against AI

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I'm exceptional at this game, but I'm not absolutely terrible. It's impossible to get the AI to chase with two strikes, even when I'm JUST missing corners. You can't get them to swing at breaking balls. The only option is to throw strikes, which they then foul off, and foul off again, and again, and again. Seriously, unless you get lucky I don't know how you're supposed to throw less than 20 pitches an inning.

I know this is an old gripe, but after attempting to pitch in some of the 11th inning "moments" I'm pulling my hair out.

Just throw the high heat.

Still foul city with the high heat

Sounds like you gotta come up with a new pitching strategy. I always throw high heat(mix in and out, mostly in) and mix changeups and curve balls low and away and those are the easiest missions. Just time consuming is all.

Lol that the forum censors ba11s on a baseball forum what an absolute joke


I had to save a clip of the CPU fouling off until I threw them 15 pitches the other day. I just wanted something to happen. Put it in play or miss please! Even a hit would have been ok. But no matter what I threw or where I threw it Foul ball.

If its way out of the zone, most times AI will not chase. it has to be out of the zone just enough, epsecially around the 4 corners. Always helps a lot if you are changing speeds with your strike out pitch. Conquest, RTTS & Franchise is VS. the AI & I average 1-2 K's easily every inning vs. AI

sliders that start inside the zone and bite all the way to the outside.
you're welcome

@saluki10 said in OMG the foul [censored] when playing against AI:

Lol that the forum censors ba11s on a baseball forum what an absolute joke

Another 5 year old on the forums. Shut up please

Why would a baseball game censor a word that is integral to the game? You are literally going to every comment I have made and replying and I’m the 5 year old? Got it.

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