Ways to make events better


I been a fan of the vast majority of the events this year (current one not exactly my cup of tea), but there are definitely some ways to improve. Would like to hear what anyone else thinks can be improved or if they agree.

-Save the lineup from the previous entries but still allow for modification (really helps If u go over the max overall by default)
-make the stadiums represent the event. I like what they’re doing for this event with the locked stadium. And most people chose shippett for moonshot, might as well set it in stone
-make more rewards that can be used. Instead of bundles that don’t really amount to much, maybe a custom bat or socks that pay homage to the event
-lastly, make for more variation so we don’t have cards collecting dust. I liked the prospect of using only sig cards in the signature event, but by the end of it, people were just using most of the players on their RS teams anyway. I’m all for grinding out cards thru events, however, I think this would make things a bit more fun and less predictable


All good recommendations....

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