MLB The Show Pro-am


Play with friends like a Pro-AM on NBA 2k. Is this a possible game mode?

Imagine having 5-9 of ur friends take a road to the show character to an online game against another squad. I know A LOT would have to be solved to get this to work but if done I really think it would be such a fun mode.

To fill out a roster just have CPU’s with overall progressing with team performance or just staying low bc it is an AI. No CPU pitchers.

I understand it would take some time to get this done but I feel it would be worth it. Possibly a next-gen feature?


They have a hard time implementing a solid 1 v 1 interface and you want them to make a 9 v 9 mode?

Sounds promising


Makes sense in Basketball (and, to a lesser extent Football.)

Baseball, not so much.

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