I've read about people dealing with this but not exact sure what it was, I think this just happened to me but rather than it just staying frozen after 5 minutes or so the screen changed and it notified me that I forfeited.

I just had a game where we ended up tied in the 8th or 9th. I hit a lead off triple with J Roll and then next at bat I went into the menu to sub in Biggio for Pudge. I come out of the menu and my screen freezes. Still have sound, I'm wired in and still have internet. So I remember the freeze off posts here, so I wait, and hop on the internet to search what's going on. After a few minutes the notification pops up, I lose, and it takes me back to the Diamond Dynasty page. I was never logged out, never lost internet, never quit. Just went from frozen to forfeit.

can anyone tell me what happened?

Overall tonight has been a really disappointing experience all around and this put it over the top.

Over 200 ranked games, countless hours practicing, I can't even get out of the f'n 400's on ranked because of nonsense.