This game has me realizing that playing in Comerica is a flipping pain in the rear. Everybody in my lineup is suffering in Conquest right now (doesn't help that the Tigers have taken over almost the entire eastern side of the U.S. map), Cobb, Babe, J.D., Ripken Jr, Miggy, everyone.

The main culprits are flyouts to CF. Reyes. Reyes. Reyes. Someone lower his fielding stats for me, lol 😁. I'll hit stuff at the WALL and he'll flipping stretch like Mr. Fantastic to get the stupid thing.

And of course, I'm certain the game is screwing with me. Dead center of the zone flyout/lineout, constantly. I can't get a break here, lol.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it just bad luck? Or is the game teaching me why Nick Castellanos hated Comerica so much?