Competitive leagues proposal

I am currently looking into setting up a league with a 2 division system that will be separate leagues with the “A” league having 20-30 teams of dedicated competitive players and the “B” league being made up of players who either don’t want to be as competitive early or just want to be a replacement for if a player from “A” league quits. The season setup would be 29 regular season games for both leagues with each team playing each other once in the regular season. In the “A” league only 8 teams will make the postseason while in the “B” league 16 teams will advance to the postseason. The “A” league will have a 1 game series up until the championship which will be 3 games while the “B” league will have 1 game series throughout. The bottom 8 teams in the “A” league will be relegated to the “B” league with the 8 teams who advance to the second round of the “B” league automatically advancing to the “A” league. The choice of which team you wish to control will occur based on an order of how far you go in the postseason with players eliminated in the same round having their order decided by regular season finish. If any teams not in the bottom 8 of the “A” league choose to not compete in the next season then the players eliminated in the first round of the “B” league will get an option to go to the “A” league in an order based on regular season finish.
Here is the link to the discord and if you don’t have discord please PM me on here

Was wondering if your still looking? Invite on Discord expired. My discord is Porter4213 send me a msg if your still looking.

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