Ty Cobb


Decide to take a few weeks off from the show. Needed to reset the gears play a new controller lol Making a late push for WS and decided to try cobb our (I’m hitting over 400 with walker prestige, but I couldn’t see myself taking trout or mantle out). First game in 800s 4-5, homer, double, and 2 sb. Figured him in LF would be a good spot for his arm.

Has anyone enjoyed him in the higher ranks. Never used him last year due to his noodle arm, but he’s got some hidden power in that bat. Everything’s hard.


Hitting is easy with him. I was planning on trying him for a few days, then selling him to buy Ted Williams. But after a week with this card, I need to find another way to make stubs bc I'm definitely not going to sell Cobb

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