RTTS runner turning around between 3rd and Home


The Show 20. Just started a new RTTS with a catcher, 69 speed (did 9 years as a pitcher and started a new save). Twice now when running from 2nd to home my player has turned around to head back to 3rd for no reason. We’re not talking rounding the base and returning as if I hadn’t sent him. He was well on his way to home and the coach was waving him through.


I use buttons RTTS baserunning interface and hold L2 and press direction arrow to send my runner (never hold R1 around bases, that’s crazy talk). I use L1 to return my runner to a bag if I want.

Watching the clip back, the baserunning HUD indicates that either I hit left arrow after I hit down arrow (I didn’t) or that I hit L1 (didn’t do that either).

This is the second time it has happened to this player that I just started a few days ago, and I am around 30 games in. It never happened to my pitcher in six years of NL games (plus 3 years in the AL).

So my question is does this happen to anybody else in player lock or RTTS?

I wonder if it’s my controller which is around 21 months old. Unlikely.


I have this issue with baserunning as well, though I use the stick to control my player. Even though my guy has good speed and average stealing, his brains get scrambled when he's on third base.

One tiny mistake with the stick and its practically irreversible. He'll just get himself thrown out doing the running back-and-forth that your player is doing in the video. Usually happens with sac fly situations.

I don't know if its a bug so much as it is the baserunning mechanic being broken or just poorly designed. It really gets on my nerves when the manager chews me out for "poor baserunning." Ptheh!

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