Dropped this game 6 months ago

Did anything improve? When I played there was the obvious scripted bs to keep little Billy in the game. For example, diamond level fielders making crucial errors to let a couple runs score, perfect release pitches going wherever the game wanted them to (usually right down the middle), line drives straight to defenders constantly, WEAK/LATE BLOOP HITS ALL GAME LONG, Partners (or whatever their called) boosting wins.

Has there been any talk of what they have improved? Not touching 20 if SDS hasn’t moved away from catering to lesser skilled players to keep them active in the game. I don’t want to play a game where your battling against the DDA/Comeback Logic like 19 was when I played.

They showed stats from the MLB 20 BETA, perfect/perfect (new input for 20) had an over .800 BA, I think Good/squared was over .600 in beta.
Obviously, time will tell, but they seem to be setting the game up for tournaments, which obviously requires more skill into the game.
Devils advocate, it can be erased/improved with patches, so I don't think the launch state in a week and a half should be taken to seriously, but seeing progress is nice.

Pretty hyped for tournaments in 20 with the gameplay changes.. wanna see if I can do damage but more importantly just have some fun competing. It was a blast just watching the esl finals tonight

Well, I did play some games on my mobile hot spot this weekend and lost 1 game because I lost connection. Lost connection while on 8-0 run. Went back to fiber and couldn't score a run. Every ball I hit hard was pretty much right at someone or foul. Seemed to be easier to hit on hot spot with better results and more runs.

Hot spot produced more runs, less errors, less bloop hits and HR's by opponent, more for me, better pitcher control.

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