Hitting online?


Playing against 88 maddux
My best card is 99 babe ruth(this one is the one i payed attention because is when i noticed it)

The point is i was hitting in good timing and the ball inside the pci, sometimes nearly in the middle, and i went 0 for 4 with him.
When I play offline I play in legend so I don't think I'm that bad and of course losing is part of the game but I don't think kenny Lofton would hit a +430ft homerun with a very early swing against the best card of eric gagne.

Is it my imagination?


Sometimes you have to swing very early/very late in order to make good/perfect contact. Perfect/Perfect only tells you that you swung perfectly on time with perfect contact....it doesn't mean it's going anywhere. Sometimes hitting the pitch before it gets to the plate is the only way to knock it out.

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