Moments Extreme Seriously

I haven't played the Show in about a month or so and decided to give the Moments Extreme 3 a try since I beat the first two. I am on the last mission and was curious if anyone has any tips. I get the offensive stats pretty easy but I always end up giving up three runs. So really I guess are there any pitching tips, thanks

Try and pitch low on the corners exclusively and say a prayer or two.

Oh yeah, don't pitch the CPU like you would pitch a human opponent. Like high sinkers and stuff like that, they will get crushed. Try and get outs the more traditional way, by making them chase sliders on same handedness and changeup/curveballs on opposite handedness.

I’m in the same boat as you, all I can say is Jansens cutter seems to be the most effective for me but the only times I make it through 9 I seem to be a homerun short.

On a side note I do think it’s fun playing that team on legend without the stat requirements. Hopefully next year extreme moments come out much much sooner.

paint the corners, throw to all parts of the zone, mix your pitches, and if they absolutely won't chase any CH or breaking- get at least 1 called strike and the chase % increases.

Update: Played three times last night, got to the eighth. Brought he Jansen gave up back to back to back homers 🙂

Throw whatever catcher wants you to throw. I’ve never failed it by giving up 3 runs but my batting was pretty bad. In the end I made it yay

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