This year has been unique with some interesting additions, but there needs to be some adjustments for next year.

  • Cap diamonds at 95 and make 99’s only achievable through prestige paths.

  • Prestige paths should be achievable online, offline, or however the bleep you want to PLAY baseball. I want a reason to use these cards, not sell them the moment I get them. If your motto is play however you want then nothing should be locked behind 1p or pvp. Let’s get real, DD is online no matter how you consume it. Just look at the horror show this has turned events into. People changing their names and emailing for stats. Isn't this still boosting and a violation of the TOS, or are we turning a blind eye because they have to get the stats somehow? It’s simple, make the stats achievable however you want to consume DD as long as it’s All Star or above. Make pvp stats worth double or triple, then create a time lock penalty for players that quit successive pvp games.

  • 99’s should be hands down the best cards that everyone wants in their lineup. They should also be the absolute best version of that player. Aka red diamond prestige. Not every player should be a 99, that’s why nfl players make a big deal about their Madden stats.

  • Boosts should be individualized for that player not a blanket +3 across the board, so that warriors can easily justify why it’s pvp only. Prestige should differentiate that player from another player. Take Oswalt, prestige should upgrade the stats that make him stand out from the pack. Meaning prestige Oswalt should be noticeably better than diamond Oswalt. Players would embrace this model, if every play style could achieve it. Lock the 95 card in pvp and allow it to be sellable. Odds are the value of that card would surpass current values because there would be greater demand and less supply. Demand created by want and need to have that card in your lineup.

  • By adding a prestige path there could be multiple variations of the same player and it wouldn’t feel like tacked on content. Wait, isn’t this already in the game and called evolution?

  • Is the staff from 18 and earlier still there? Did they forget that baseball is made up of more stats than hits, xbh, hr’s, k’s, ip’s, innings played, runs, and don’t give up a run to a bs hr? As annoying as pitch a no hitter or hit for a cycle is, it’s still better than doing the same moment scenarios over and over with bs slider difficulty. It also has to be easier to program because the game already keeps track of stats. We’ve gone from grinding too many stats too everything being a moment. Where’s the balance?