Question for reformed pci droppers

How did you break the habit?

  1. Lay off low pitches as much as possible
  2. If you have to swing on a low pitch, try to keep the PCI middle, even if that results in a groundball

I haven’t broken it quite yet. I’m getting better but I still drop it. I’ve asked top players and they still drop it, it’s just a habit that is going to happen

Control freaks and cotw

Your PCI drops because your eyes are following the ball down while the PCI is already fixed to a point below the pitcher's feet. You essentially need to train your brain to realize that, unlike most FPS, where you're looking is not where the PCI/reticle is and you essentially have to get the two to "meet" (ie. eyes following down while moving the PCI up in some cases). It's why the 'follow the ball' advice doesn't really work and why most good players just start with their PCI in the middle. Hopefully that makes sense.

Took me a loooooonnggg time to figure it out and I still struggle with it if I don't play for a while.

I found using wedge and trying to get the dot on top of the ball helped. something so stupid and simple helped me big time

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