Episode 15 of ATD with Jake and Thomas: MVP of each team, the last power rankings, and someone snuck into Fenway.


Jake and Thomas are here to bring you episode 15! We discuss some news, our updated playoff predictions, the last power rankings of the year, and each team’s MVP for the year. We discuss things like how someone got to be the first, and probably only fan in this MLB season, how Kyle Schwarber got pulled for a lac of effort, and how Jose Ramirez is heating up. To go to our website, go to https://aroundthediamond.wixsite.com/atdwithjakeandthomas. You can contact us via the contact tab on the website. We encourage you to participate in the voicemails, or send in a question/idea. Go to anchor.fm/aroundthediamond to send in a voicemail! If you have a question, please DM us on Instagram, @atdwithjakeandthomas, or go to our website! Please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, and follow us on Spotify! Don’t forget to tell your friends! Have a great day, and we hope you enjoy! (We have an Instagram post up with a link to the website)

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