'Run it Back': Speculation on What it Means


Last year, we didn't get a repeating reward (other than Conquest USA) until the final update of the year. I realize this won't be the last update (they've committed to 4 more innings and TA 4), but I wonder if things will be slowing down a bit more than we expect.

After all, next year is cross platform, a daunting task, and I imagine the team is gonna need to put in all the hours they can to pull it off.

What do you guys think: quirk in the schedule or indicative that the push for 2021 is about to begin in earnest?


I don’t think card releases, events etc will slow down earlier this year. If anything, maybe less patches as the dev team may be more tied up on 2021.


We know there won't be anymore headliners, I do expect them to keep releasing player moments for the innings and at least 3 more innings of bosses the final 1 will be a repeat of the best bosses like last year, but I'm not sure what will be left after the TA4 players (finest) are revealed. Are there going to be more WS or BR rewards this year? I guess we still have the playoffs so there will continue to be Tops Now cards through October.

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