RTTS relationships increasing too quickly


In The Show 20, started an RTTS catcher after playing until 2029 season with a pitcher.

Noticed that the relationship progress bars are increasing much faster than they did with my pitcher, so much so that almost all teammates were friends after around 50 games in AA.

Progress for my pitcher, as well as a CF I played in The Show 19 was much slower than this.

At first I thought it may have been because it was a catcher and simply because of his role, however I noticed games with teammates are way higher than they should be. For example, saying I’ve played 143 games with some teammates when we’re only 82 games into the season.

See below clip as evidence:


Not featured in the clip are games against players on other teams are also way higher than they should be.

Anybody else experiencing something similar with any RTTS player?


Think I figured out the reason.

It appears that the bug is caused by the game recording every game in a series (regardless of whether the RTTS player played in that game) as a game with/against, and adding the actual games the RTTS player participated in. So if the RTTS player played in two games of a best of three series, the games with/against would increase by five instead of two.

Not sure if this happens only for catchers or any other position players. I am fairly certain it did not happen with my pitcher who I played through until 2029.

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