Roster Update Impressions


Noticed that LS Nick Anderson got upgraded to a diamond again. I've had him in my roster and starting yesterday he's been mowing hitters down.

What are your impressions of the new roster?

(Question: Will the post-World Series roster update affect players & teams who did not make the playoffs as well?)


my main impression is the 3 year average was thrown out the window this year and now next years starting point for a lot of players will be out of whack


No, postseason updates are reserved for players on teams who are playing in the postseason. In terms of my thoughts on the roster update, it’s been volatile all season, some crazy moves, but you can only deal with the cards you’re given though - By which I mean SDS can only react to what happens in real baseball. As Wynsanity said above, the three year average that has traditionally been used to determine a players overall is going to be skewed by this 60 game season, next years ratings will be interesting.

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