Any reason to keep leftover stubs?

I’ve acquired all the cards I want at this point. Is there any reason to hold on to leftover ‘19 stubs? I haven’t ordered ‘20 yet. Still undecided I may wait to see early community feedback on gameplay before I buy it. I’m assuming there’s no other content coming in ‘19 that I would need stubs for. I’ll probably just blow it on packs just for grins unless I’m missing a reason to keep them.

There’s really no reason to hold on to them. If you aren’t set on buying 20, then you could keep them for a little while in case you do decide you want some other cards in 19, but that’s the only reason I can think of.

You might open up the game a year from now and want to use those stubs some way some how. What is the point in buying packs of cards you dont need?

I went back to mlb the show 17 for a while a year ago and was glad I saved my stubs.

Only if you want to go back to play 19 at some point

I opened some packs and made some BR runs since I didn't get to play much BR in '19, but still left a little in the bank

Could be beneficial to save if u havent done rtts and want equipment later or if u want to compare how certain cards play between the games.
Is there any benefit to throwing them away at packs? To me neither one is wrong, can always quicksell things later if u have a good inventory and no stubs. Probably wont matter either way

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