League Opening


I know that since it's late in the game's cycle it is slim pickings to recruit quality members for leagues. With that being said we are in our third season of a small 12 team casual league with a great group of older gentlemen. We have the Mets available but we are NOT looking for DD type players that play with the "win at all costs" attitude...you know who you are...we are looking for older players (sorry kids but we have been burned by youngsters too many times) that want to play in a toxic free casual league where the goal is to have fun win or lose. If you think you're the right fit then hit me up on psn OhDaesu19 or discord OhDaesu19#8732 asap. Thank you and be safe!


Season 3. The 7-1 Cardinals are available. 14 teams, 3 game series. We are currently in week 4. Hmu on psn or discord OhDaesu19#8732 if you want to join a non toxic fun league with a great core group.

Be safe!

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