Pitch usage vs cpu


Do you guys think the game as it is currently programmed takes the real life percentages of pitch use of a given pitcher into consideration?

I find it quite surprising in moments especially, that the cpu controlled pitchers seem to throw what is difficult in the game as opposed to how they tend to pitch in real life.

Am I imagining this? For example, facing Tyler Glasnow, I am looking for fastballs up. I watched him yesterday vs the Yankees, but in the game he seems to throw me predominantly changeups and sliders, and only occasionally shows the fastball.

According to 2020 statcast, he throws 60% fastball, 35% curve, and only 4% changeup.


Short answer: no.

Longer answer: I think the game takes into account whatever the slider settings are and then will pitch whatever it thinks will fool you. (Like high offspeed stuff).

I am convinced the CPU knows where you are sitting with your PCI and adjusts accordingly. Same way it "knows" when you are going to steal.


No, it can't possibly take it into consideration. I know, for me, the CPU just spams off-speed and breaking pitches. I don't get many fastballs, especially anywhere in the zone. I have made mention before, and laugh about it constantly, about pitchers spamming their fourth and fifth best pitch. You (almost) never see that. In the game, relievers come out of the pen and (almost) always through their third or fourth best pitch. How many times will you see a reliever enter and then go to one of his worst pitches for his first pitch? Never. I mean, most relievers don't have 4 pitches anyway (another point for another post), but they sure as heck don't come out firing their worst pitch.

The concentration percentages in real life are much tighter than in this game, for sure. I mean a lot of pitchers will be 50-50 fastballs and either offspeed or breaking. A common percentage, say, is a slider guy in real life. He might throw the slider 30 percent of the time, the fastball 50 and maybe a changeup for 15 percent. (Granted, more real-life players are going more to an even split or more than using fastball so much these days). This game, I see higher percentages on fourth or fifth best pitches and it drives me crazy. I can almost guarantee I see just as much or more of the 3rd-5th pitches in an arsenal than I do on the first two, usually. And I can almost, without fail, predict I'm going to see the 3rd or 4th pitch of a repertoire on a pitcher, almost always offspeed or breaking, for the first pitch of the game or first pitch out of the bullpen.


Ok so I’m not imagining this at all. That is strangely comforting. I ended up looking for offspeed stuff vs Glasnow and was much more successful.


You know, the more I think about this, the more it strikes me as absurd. The percentages are there. Why couldn’t they be programmed into the game so that Liam Hendriks pitches like Liam Hendriks or whatever? The way it is now, it really makes no difference what pitcher you are facing vs cpu. The cpu is pitching and does whatever it wants.

Considering how “realism” seems so important in the game, this seems like a glaring oversight.

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