Monitor issues

My girlfriend got me a monitor for my birthday last weekend. I’ve been having a good experience overall but it has been frustrating. It feels as if the first couple games of the day it performs the way I want with the pitches coming in smoothly and almost looking slowed down. Progressively as I play that goes away. Does anyone else experience this? Wondering if it is only based on the person I’m playing internet or my own.

For example yesterday I played a HOF RS game and the pitches looked great coming in, next game was on all star and I had a harder time picking those pitches up than I did in the game before on HOF. I have it on game mode and have tried many diff display settings but can’t figure how to make it be consistent. I don’t have option to hardwire my connection but on WiFi I range from 30-60mbps. The monitor is a BenQ GL2780.

Any advice is appreciated.

I feel like mine did the same thing. Does overclocking like some PC games perform better with overclock? I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble. I can relax on my couch and play on a 85 inch tv for several hours but sitting at a desk to see the screen is a little uncomfortable after awhile

Are you changing difficulties a lot? Going back and forth between all-star and HOF? I know that can really mess up timing, it does mine.

It’s could also be the stadium you’re playing in. People pick minor league stadiums for that reason. A lot of the moments against the computer have been set to play in minor league or classic stadiums for that reason as well.

I also play better my first few games and slowly get worse and worse. That could be a bit of it as well.

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