SDS: Moments Request.


This will more than likely fall on deaf ears; but if you continue to have multi-hit Moments, can you PLEASE program the cpu pitcher to actually throw the ball in (or even on) the zone more than once 3-4 times per game?

Between the Bradley and Smith Moments (which I still haven't finished and probably won't) the cpu walked then both a total of 8 TIMES!

Two times for Bradley, out of 4 ABs, and 6 times for Smith, out of 16 ABs.


When I did the grandal moments, I walked 6 times and hit the 2 homeruns in game 3. It’s horrendous how you have to swing at bad pitches the majority of the moments


Not only the cpu pitchers are bad,i had a cpu player at first base getting caught stealing f****g up my time up at bat.
Oh and when the cpu swings at pitches outside the strike zone they allways get a good hit it's so stupid.

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