If you are looking for the most organized league, that finishes each season, Online Pro Gaming Leagues is for you.

OPGL is a week away from starting our fourth season. At OPGL it is our mission to provide the best online league experience possible for MLB The Show. How do we do this?

  • Dedicated staff to ensure our leagues finish each season.

  • Multi-tiered leagues to best suit different levels of play.

  • DD, Live Roster (Draft and Non Draft) options available

  • Promotion from lower leagues to our best leagues.

  • Thorough rulebook outlining a true sim gaming experience.

  • Custom website and discord for league use.

  • Our leagues are FREE!!!

Some important notes to pass along:

  • HOF Settings.

  • 9 Inning games.

  • Custom schedule (five games per week).

  • Adjusted sliders for realistic gameplay.

  • All off, except for strike zone and PCI is allowed.

  • No directional hitting.

If this is of interest to you, please shoot me a message!