Inappropriate small ball


I’m RTTSing with a catcher for the first time ever in 13 years of playing the game. I’m seeing a lot of poor decision making by the CPU, seemingly to give me some fielding opportunities. I’m wondering if any other RTTS catcher players get them too. Tactics such as:

  • inappropriate stealing (super slow players - I even had a 9 speed attempt to steal 2nd!)

  • inappropriate drag bunting (slow players, odd counts). I even just had the CPU Cheslor Cuthbert bunt on a 1-2 count with 2 outs! Runners on 1st and 2nd. He has 42 speed and was 2 for 2 in his prior two ABs that game. I threw him out at 1st although I thought it was one of those times the game had predetermined the outcome.

I feel that these inappropriate opportunities are there simply to boost my attributes.

I would like to know others’ experiences as an RTTS catcher and how long it’s been like this.


I’ve experienced this behavior playing as a first baseman and third baseman. It’s infuriating. We all know those actions don’t happen in the real game.


Just had a 45 speed player bunt against me as catcher in the top of the 7th (up 3-0), 0-2 count with two outs and a runner on 1st. Decided to log this one as a bug report.

If it’s being done to give me opportunities to boost my fielding attributes, instead of artificially creating unrealistic plays, stop doing this and have the actual opportunities give more of a boost instead. Or have more off-field training opportunities.


As a 1B I have seen Giancarlo Stanton, Luke Voight, and Miguel Cabrerra bunt for a hit. I have seen numerous times that a CPU player will bunt with runners in scoring position and 2 outs. I have said that if I was Manger and my player did that I would bench him for a week. I can't say that it is to boost my attributes because I have seen other things that are in the game that is designed to reduce your attributes. I believe it is just that SDS programmers don't understand baseball they are just computer geeks. I could go into many things in this game that are flat out stupid.

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