Do you have trouble with the fastball and timing it to be early? Read further...


Yes, you must be selective, plate discipline is vital to the process and watching the pitchers release point from out of the hand and recognize what pitch is thrown is essential, (THAT IS THE POINT, Right? Right!) but....

You need a PS4 Pro, plain and simple. The Pro processes faster and when it is used along with a monitor; The Pro supports the 60hz and the Premium HDMI cable also supports 60hz. This is what the Pro was designed for and is to be used with; for Higher Resolution.

(Using a regular PS4 with a monitor and a premium HDMI cable will do little if nothing for you. It may cause even more latency issues.) Especially while playing MLB the Show 20 and the past series. Since MLB the Show is made to support 60hz / frames per second.

The regular PS4 only supports up to 30hz. (meaning 30 frames per second) causing the delay and drop in response time, from controller - to system - to screen.

If your opponent is playing on a PS4 Pro you will know. They are always early on the fastball and other pitches, because the response time is, well..... EARLIER than yours if you are playing on a regular PS4, which stinks for you.

If you are one of the players that are frustrated with timing the fastball and lack the ability to consistently have, Good to Very Early swing timing so you can pull the ball and bash it like your favorite MLB content creator. Good luck, it is not going to happen unless you get yourself the hardware.

It is way to late in the game to go purchase a PS4 Pro. But when the PS5 is out. It will be back to an even playing field. You will get better results being competitive. I promise you that!

People who are not tech savvy would not know this, but after doing some extensive reading. Look what I have found.

I think it is pretty cruddy that there is a disservice here regarding lack of a gaming system capabilities to support new games and the FPS they need to play efficiently. But it is what it is.

And for MLB the Show... Hey if I have an advantage and I was exploiting someone's weaknesses because they swing at everything and missing mass majority of Fastballs. Who fault is it; NOBODY'S....

Honestly it is not all You.... It is definitely your system. Also plate discipline is a factor. But it really stinks swinging at balls you know are coming down the pipe and you can't seem to make that contact you know you should. Foul-Tip-Oppo all day long.

Good Luck.... New generation console is almost among us.


What about the slim is that ok? Just bought this year?


I don't have a pro, I play on a tv and I am very early on 102 mph fastballs.


Yeah, except one game you can have good timing and the next you can’t touch a heater against the same SP. IMO connections are the real issue and won’t/can’t ever be fixed. I’ve given up taking this game seriously in any way, I don’t try to improve or compete, I accept that this game is a chore to play online and the developers don’t have the necessary tools and/or skills to create a game that plays well online H2H. I’ve tried practically anything and everything at no expense spared. It’s the game, or more specifically, it’s the way the P2P architecture makes the game play online. Offline isn’t half as terrible in terms of gameplay, however, as an offline player, you’re then going to hate the ridiculously slow pace of play, like moments, with CPU controlled pitchers taking an eternity to come set, look over twice, then throw a ball seventeen feet off the plate, then slowly come set again, then throw over to first, then slowly come set again, then throw over to first, then slowly come set again, then throw another ball fourteen feet off the plate, which you’ll probably just swing at regardless, because by this time, we’re fifteen minutes into a vs CPU game you never really wanted to play and you’ve seen a grand total of nine pitches, drawn a walk and you’re already so pissed off by the time the second batter digs in you just can’t stand there for another decade while he gets around to maybe throwing a strike once in a while.

When you step back and look at the bigger picture, it’s largely irrelevant anyway. Like white mice in a laboratory experiment, we will continue to jump through hoops and pull tiny levers year after year and our reward will be variants of the same cards we’ve jumped through hoops and pulled tiny levers to obtain year after year.

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