How this can be Home Run??


Hi guys,
I have been playing DD last night vs CPU (All-Strar) and this happened against my 99 Corey Kluber:

Can you tell me how this can be HR for the AI? If I hit the ball the same way, it would barely roll back to the pitcher, but AI have HR out of that?


Had it happen to me a few times. Most egregious one was barely touching the vision circle on a low and inside pitch to a guy with 40 power.

I usually laugh, curse out Ramon for a few minutes to feel better, and move on.


There is a dangerous sweet spot vs CPU that can go yard on you at anytime. I think it is between 45-65 pwr. That is always the guys that get you. The high power guys are easy strikeouts. Not sure why, but always been that way.

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