So, I went back to MLBTHESHOW19.... Oh yeah, and 18.....


And bought some packs! Disclaimer: This is from the website. I sold the physical copy. ๐Ÿ™‚
I went through my inventory and sold everything that had a sell now, so I didn't have to do this. So if you still play that game, and your order went through within the last hour, it might have been me. ๐Ÿ™‚ (There are like 7 orders a day on some stuff. Kind of surprising) I was able to get together 6000 stubs. I know, weak, but I didn't play much of DD last year. lol
For 19:
I got the 5K stubs pack, AKA the headliners bundle, with 3 random headliners, and a normal pack.
Headliner 4
Bronzes, and 2 78s: Joc Pederson and David Fletcher.
2 of the set 17
The first: 77 Josh Rojas and 77 Alex Verdugo
The second: Bronzes, and GOLD LORENZO CAIN! The best pull of the day...
Normal pack: NOTHING

I did it for 18, and had 1K stubs, enough for two standard packs. They randomized what set I got
Set 1: Contains 6 players, 1 souvenir, and 1 assorted item. Chance to find exclusive Set 1 player: Breakout Legend Lou Brock.
What did I get?
Not gonna waste your time. ALL BRONZES.
Set 12: Contains 6 players, 1 souvenir, and 1 assorted item. Chance to find exclusive Set 12 player: All-Star Flashback Jacoby Ellsbury.
WHAT DID I GET? All bronze or common

I am going to put sell orders in for the cards with no sell now, and do another opening, via computer, when they all sell. Probably open packs in a week, or longer if I forget. ๐Ÿ™‚ FOR 19


I would have been ticked if I had pulled Trout. lol


I had a ton of stubs in 19 with nothing to spend them on over the summer, so I thought about ripping packs for the hell of it. Going through all those opening animations seemed tedious though (I forgot you could open on the website) so instead I spent weeks putting in orders for LS Trout. Then once I had 30+ Trouts I sold them all in a single day until Sell Now was around 5K. I figured some of those orders were relics from people who had long since moved onto 20, so I threw a couple Buy Now Trouts up there for super cheap for people who were definitely still playing.

Iโ€™d like to think at least one person got to complete the LS collection because of that, but itโ€™s impossible to know for sure.

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