Online League: 30 Teams, 3/13/20 Launch

Hello community,
I am curious to know if anyone would like to join a 30 team league I will be creating on Release Day this coming Friday March 13th? The league style will be relaxed but it is expected you keep up with your games. Each team will play every opponent once, some series = three times. It is a lot of games but if I can find 29 committed players this could be successful! We will be playing with all 30 standard MLB Teams, so no DD squads. Let me know in the forum and I will post more details if I have enough people's interest! Also comment your preferred team and I will document it down, in the event of a dispute when starting the league.

-30 Teams

  • All Star Difficulty
  • 1 or 3 Games per series (TBD)
    -MLB Live Rosters
    -DH On for both AL/NL

Thanks everyone,
Noah Cleckner

sure ill give it a shot yanks???

How are you assigning teams? If ita2 first come, first served; you're going to have trouble finding the last few owners, as some people won't want lesser rated teams like the Orioles and Marlins.

Unless you plan on repicking teams the following year based on reverse standings.

If you start this i would like to be the Orioles. Let me know

@OriolesMagic_33 said in Online League: 30 Teams, 3/13/20 Launch:

If you start this i would like to be the Orioles. Let me know

Someone willingly choosing the Orioles.

A rare sight

I'm interested...Phillies

I'm interested and would like the Blue Jays

I'm interested. If the Yankees are taken I would like the Braves

Yes I would like to play as well please [censored] me on PSN ....Porter4213
Chicago Cubs please

Yes I would like to play as well please message me on PSN .... Porter4213
Chicago Cubs please

I’m interested, Padres available?

I’m down, can I take the Twins?

I would like to join as the White Sox

I would like to take the Angels

I would like... not preety sure with the difficulty being set in all-star but in case we can make a vote about everyone preferences here but definetly i can try with the Twins

Now i checked somebody already pick the Twins so might try with the Athletics or D-Backs

I’m interested . I’m a Chicago Cubs fan but knowing how popular of a choice that may be , I would be interested in trying the Cincinnati Reds. I’m diehard player who put about 1000 hours into dd for the show 19.

So it’s not a Custom League? Because games played are set league wide, not by division or AL/NL

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