Make my lineup\defense with these players


How I currently have it,
1- Ty Cobb LF
2- Derek Jeter CAP SS (110+con, 75pow, 99/99speed stealing. Diamond defense)
3- Mantle CF
4- Tatis Jr. 2B
5- Jim Edmonds RF
6- Honus Wagner 3B
7- Cody Bellinger 1B
8- Matt Wieters C

My bench is Reggie Jackson, Sheffield, Biggio, Castellanos, Cano. But that doesn’t matter.
Tatis is at second over Wagner because of The slightly stronger arm can throw runner out at the plate on a relay.
Cobb is is left over center becuase of Mantle and the arm.
Although this will change in a couple weeks when I get Trout.

With these players, what would your lineup and positioning be?


I personally would go with something like this. You have speed at the top and bottom of your lineup and lots of power with spots 3-7. You could always switch Jeter and Cobb if one is hitting better then the other. If Cobb gets on though he can be a huge distraction to the opposing pitcher with his speed so Jeter or whoever follows him should get a mistake pitch or 2.

  1. Cobb
  2. Jeter
  3. Tatis Jr
  4. Mantle
  5. Bellinger
  6. Edmonds
  7. Weiters
  8. Wagner

1 Cobb LF
2 Jeter SS
3 Mantle CF
4 Tatis Jr 2b
5 Bellinger 1B
6 Sheffield 3B
7 Edmonds RF
8 Biggio C

When you get trout, relegate Edmonds to your bench, but play Trout in CF and Mantle in RF.


I do like that Edmonds card

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