technically he wasn’t a card but a live series card but I want 2016 Corey Seager back with his same swing from that year. I’ve used Corey Seager every year since then cuz he’s so [censored] good. I wasn’t very good in 16 cuz it was my first year of DD and I had over 100 home runs with Seager. I need him back plz SDS.

I hear the legends of him being like the best card ever in 16

There’s several cards I would like that were gods in 16 and 17 but Josh Hamilton, Carl Crawford, Joe Mauer, David Wright, and Beltran have since retired, with 2 of them being scum for different reasons(Hamilton and Beltran), so I cant see then coming back. I’d throw 17 live series Jake Lamb in the with Seager though. Hoping for both to have a resurgence this season

That's not a bad flashback choice - 2016 Hardware Corey Seager. I'd imagine it would be a low diamond. And, yes, his swing was king in The Show 16. Many people had their CAP set with his swing.

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