Which Version should I purchase?

Honestly, which version should I buy? I have $100 to spend but would it be more worth it to buy the $80 MVP Edition and then spend the remaining $20 on stubs (34,000 stubs in total with MVP Edition)? OR should I get the Digital Deluxe and get the extra diamond player, 3 gold players, and have 25,000 stubs?

Need help deciding.

I would go with the extra diamond player. That way your squad starts with at least Mantle and someone else. Just my opinion. Unsure what the packs will have in them this early in the year.

I think it's worth it to get the $100 version.
1 extra diamond choice
3 extra gold choices
10 more packs
15,000 more stubs

I went MVP; so easy to unlock stuff only by playing, and the prices will be so inflated the first month that your stubs won’t be worth much. Only ordered MVP for early release, TBH. Playing RS without a constant barrage of the same god squads game after game is what makes the first couple of weeks fun.

I like the anniversary edition with the hat. You’ll get 20 packs. 25k stubs. Another 5 k for preorder so that’s 30k. And then you always get about 10$ for the game when you trade it in for the next years. Then sell the hat for 15-10 and you’re looking at 20-25$ back on the 100$ one and then buy 25$ more stubs and end up with a lot

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