The base running in 19

Of all the issues we’re familiar with from 19, nothing infuriates me more than the base running miscues that are out of your control.

Man on first with one out. Mike Schmidt hits a liner down the right field line that the right fielder clearly won’t get. Should be an easy double. I hold L1. Runner stands still looking at the ball. I continue to hold L1. He finally starts to run, reaches and rounds 2nd with the speed and urgency of a 300 lb asthmatic, and then while I’m STILL holding L1, he decides to turn back and stand on 2nd! Schmidt is already standing on 2nd by the time this dumbass decides to turn around and stand there.

Opponent eventually tosses the ball to 2nd while I hopelessly watch the runner get tagged out. Now with a runner on 2nd and two out Jimmie Foxx lines out to center. Rally over.

Drives me nuts. I’ve tried looking through the base running options and all we have is assist and auto. Is there no way to turn the idiotic AI off completely? I know you can manually select bases too, but even that gets screwy sometimes.

Totally agree, the baserunners do the dumbest things quite often.

Nothing better than watching your runner keep going past 2nd when the lead runner has already stopped at 3rd.

Pitching, hitting, fielding(little iffy), all looks like they're heading in the right direction. THIS is truly the thing I'm most scared for in 20

Switch to classic base running, or whatever it’s called (the one where you control the runners by pressing square for the 3B runner, tri for the 2B, O for the 1B and X for the batter, then press a d-pad button to choose his destination). Trust me, you will never look back.

There’s a design flaw in that setting though in that when a runner rounds a base his button changes to match the base. It shouldn’t be that way or there should be a way to disable that.

It’s an online thing; offline they react correctly, but offline the L1 is dangerous, especially when you hit a double with a slow guy on second

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